Full episode - February 06, 2018
document leaks
Massive document leaks have led to the fall of world leaders and to new anti-corruption laws. But some leaks have put lives in danger. So what's the limit to the public’s right to know?
Full episode - December 07, 2017
nk propaganda
North Korean missiles can now reach major US cities. The Trump administration promises to "utterly destroy" the Kim regime if there's a war. So, what will it take to ease tensions between the two nuclear powers? This episode features a live town hall discussion recorded on Dec. 1, 2017 — only three days after the latest North Korean ICBM test.
Full story - November 27, 2017
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un attends the first congress of the country's ruling Workers' Party in 36 years, in Pyongyang, North Korea on May 9, 2016.
Frank Aum, a senior expert on North Korea at the United States Institute of Peace, assesses the current state of affairs between the US and North Korea.
Full story - November 22, 2017
cervezeria insurgente
If the US leaves NAFTA, “we might have to go straight to Canada for our supplies,” says a Tijuana brewer.
Full story - November 16, 2017
Benz factory
The US and European economies are so interconnected that if trade relationships falter, the effects could be catastrophic.
Full episode - November 06, 2017
Galax factory workers
"You could make an argument that trade was the biggest issue that put Donald Trump in the Oval Office. I mean the states that he won the election in were places that lost the highest percentage of jobs to import competition in the last 15 years," said Edward Alden, author of "Failure to Adjust: How Americans Got Left Behind in the Global Economy."
Full episode - October 04, 2017
doctors in afghanistan
Abortion. Right to die. Stem cell research. Modern bioethical issues confront an ancient religion.
Full episode - September 05, 2017
A woman is helped to move through a water-logged road after rains in Mumbai.
Superstorms like Harvey and Irma are increasingly common — a result of global warming, say climate scientists. Yet President Donald Trump intends to pull the US out of the Paris agreement, a historic international pact to reduce carbon emissions. But how is the rest of the world dealing with climate change?
Full story - August 28, 2017
philippine army
Both the US and China sent aid to the Philippines to quell its Islamist insurgency. Both countries want to gain influence over the Philippine military. If China succeeds, it will hinder the US’ ability to project power in the Asia Pacific.
Full story - August 28, 2017
“I think the Duterte government was so focused on the war on drugs it erratically forgot an equally critical issue, like the looming radicalism that had been felt this past several months," said Julkipli Wadi, lecturer at the University of Philippines Institute of Islamic Studies.