Full story - February 04, 2015
Children playing baseball in Cuba
Cuban baseball players looking to come to the US have to jump through serious hoops to get here. But changes in US-Cuba relations may finally fix that.
Full story - February 21, 2015
The Bella ll Health and Beauty Institute, a beauty salon in Havana
Over the last few years, the Cuban government has been experimenting with turning state enterprises into cooperatives and letting the workers own and run them. They're seen by some as a way of opening the country up to capitalism and privatization while maintaining some of the revolution’s collectivist ideals. And so far, Cubans seem to like them.
Full story - February 20, 2015
Arianna Mendez and Chris Alvarez in the entryway of Alvarez's home. The couple don't always agree on the US' policy toward Cuba.
The recently announced thaw between the US and Cuba divides opinions, even within some families of Cuban Americans.
Full story - February 09, 2015
A Man Uses A Computer in Cuba
In Cuba, electronic communication can be tricky for people on the island trying to reach the outside world. It's not only daunting — but can be dangerous. Despite those obstacles, Cubans have found ingenious ways to make their voices heard.
Full story - February 09, 2015
Vintage Postcard of Cruise from Miami to Havana
President Barack Obama’s December 17 announcement that he would begin normalizing relations with Cuba sparked hot debate on both sides of the Florida Strait. It also began a political process that won’t end until a highly fractious Congress can agree on new legislation, not likely to happen any time soon. Among other obstacles is the long-questioned human rights record of the Castro regime. Independent watchdog organization Freedom House says Cuba falls just shy of its “worst of the worst list” for denying its citizens political rights and civil liberties.
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Vintage Postcard of Cruise from Miami to Havana
President Obama's announcement to begin normalizing relations with Cuba marks the most significant change in US policy toward the island nation in a half century. But as America looks to make it easier to travel to the country and establish more economic ties, what does that mean for the average Cuban or Cuban American?
Full story - December 09, 2014
President Obama meets with King Abdullah of Jordan
The rise of ISIS is connected to Jordan. The Israeli-Palestinian crisis plays out in the shadow of Jordan. The Syrian civil war and it's ensuing refugee crisis are taking a heavy toll on Jordan. Even the Iranian nuclear talks has a connection to Jordan. So, why Jordan, a landlocked country with few natural resources but tremendous importance for American foreign policy, at the middle of it all.
Full story - December 08, 2014
Dean Obeidallah
The rise of ISIS and their brutal acts of terror have been a horrifying development in the past year. And yet within in the Middle Eastern artistic community, an unlikely group of voices has begun to stand up to try and combat’s the group’s message of fear and intolerance: comedians.
Full story - November 12, 2014
The Underground Girls of Kabul
Afghanistan has a tradition of raising young girls as boys, in order to afford them more rights and the family more opportunities. And it works — though it's not always easy.
Full story - November 11, 2014
Syrian volunteer
Inside Syria, almost six million children have been affected by the country's ongoing civil war, and millions more have fled the country to find safety in refugee camps. Turkey, for example, has opened its doors to about a million-and-a-half Syrian refugees since spring 2011. But as the war drags on, Turkey is finding itself with a long-term humanitarian and education problem.