Full story - April 16, 2018
Yiwu warehouse
Unlike Western nations, China doesn't demand democratic reform or human rights standards when engaging with states with weak or failing governments. Syria is a case in point.
Full story - April 09, 2018
For many of the Syrians in Turkey who fought in, or rooted for the opposition, the bloodshed is ending in death and destruction with no freedom.
Full episode - April 04, 2018
foreign policy and fragile states
"We feel terrible about what is going on in Syria, but we don't want to get really deeply engaged. So we do just enough to make the situation worse without doing enough to make it better.”
Full story - March 20, 2018
turkey astronomy
Turkey is making advances in its scientific infrastructure — like its brand new astronomical observatory. But the new science curriculum for high schoolers leaves out the theory of evolution.
Full story - March 13, 2018
"There is a history of unexpected threats emerging from unexpected places, as we learned from Afghanistan. It is in both our national security interest and in line with our values to help fragile states."
Full story - March 09, 2018
“Of course we have echoes of what’s happening in the region, but when you put scientists together, they tend to talk about science.”
Full episode - March 06, 2018
shukor in space
While Europe was in the Dark Ages, scientific discovery was blooming in the Islamic world. Now, centuries later, some Muslim countries are making new investments in space exploration.
Full story - February 20, 2018
beijing mossack fonseca
"China's ultimate goal is to use democracy to undermine democracy," says one expert on Chinese dissent.
Full story - February 10, 2018
nawaz sharif
The Panama Papers revealed Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's offshore accounts. Mass protests demanded his ouster... and then the military took matters into their own hands.
Full story - February 08, 2018
tikkakoski radar2
When one Finnish journalist smashed her laptop with a hammer, causing it to catch fire, she didn't know that it would lead to one of the biggest debates about security and press freedom in Finnish history.