Searching for Religious Common Ground

October 06, 2015

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Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze leaders

On Feb 4, 2013, the Abrahamic Reunion group of Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Druze leaders came together to promote tolerance and interfaith understanding in a town that has been in the news for Arab-Jewish tensions.


Eliyahu Alpern

In this hour-long program, we explore how organizations and individuals are working to build bridges between religions, often in the most conflict-ridden places in the world. 

We travel to Amsterdam, where Jewish and Muslim community leaders are using their friendship to bridge the ever-widening divide between their two communities. And in Cordoba, Spain, we visit a cathedral built inside a mosque, where Catholics and Muslims are in the midst of a fierce debate over how and whether different religions can coexist in a shared sacred space.

Featured guests include: