Poaching and Terrorism: The Race to Protect Wildlife and National Security

July 07, 2015

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Uganda Wildlife Authority

Ugandan authorities counting confiscated ivory and bungles at Entebbe International Airport.


Uganda Wildlife Authority

We travel to Uganda, a key stop along the supply chain where high-level corruption is making it easier for terrorist groups to get illegal wildlife products to market. We'll visit China — the number one market for ivory — where new policies may help curb the people's demand. In the United States, we learn what lawmakers and law enforcement are doing to cut off terrorists' newest revenue stream and to crack down on the surprisingly large illegal wildlife market in the West. And we travel to Kenya, where NGO's are helping train former poachers to protect wildlife, and to get community support to do the same.

Plus we learn how this issue has brought together an unlikely coalition: wildlife and conservation groups, anti-terrorist and law enforcement agencies, politicians on both sides of the aisle, sports stars, and Hollywood celebrities.

Featured guests include: