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March 01, 2016

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KUT's Studio 1A in Austin

America Abroad Town Hall at KUT's studio in Austin with audicence from Berlin on the screen 

Just before the FBI-Apple dispute erupted, America Abroad convened an international town hall that brought together cybersecurity, policy and law experts along with privacy activists and business representatives in two locations — Austin, Texas, and Berlin, Germany.

In this episode, America Abroad features a trans-Atlantic discussion about the promise and peril of encryption; examines how governments, corporations and law enforcement try to manage big data, privacy and security; and hears from individuals who had surprising revelations about their own data.

Guests include:

Kristen Eichensehr: Visiting Professor, UCLA School of Law

Cyrus Farivar: Senior Business Editor, Ars Technica

Maya Indira Ganesh: Director of Applied Research, Tactical Technology Collective

Lesley Kyd Rebenburg: Attorney, Microsoft

Deidre Mulligan: Associate Professor, UC Berkeley’s School of Information

Felix Naumann: Professor for Information Systems, Hasso-Plattner Institute

Benjamin Wittes: Senior Fellow in Governance Studies, The Brookings Institution