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Conflict & Justice

Nigeria plans mass execution

Nigeria plans to execute more than 300 prisoners on death row. There hasn't been an official execution in eight years. Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with Shehu Sani, president of the Civil Rights Congress and a former political prisoner.


World cup stickers stolen

A World Cup sticker is considered a prized souvenir. So much so that gunmen in Brazil have apparently stolen hundreds of thousands of the stickers from the Sao Paolo company that distributes them. Anchor Jeb Sharp has more.


Women's golf champ announces retirement

Mexico's top woman golfer Lorena Ochoa has shocked fans with her announcement that she'll retire at the ripe old age of 28. Anchor Jeb Sharp gets details from Carlos Nava, sports editor for 'Al Dia', the 'Dallas Morning News' Spanish language newspaper.

Science, Tech & Environment

Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz ? The surface of the sun come into focus in some dazzling never before seen images taken by a NASA probe. Anchor Jeb Sharp gets details from John Leibacher, an astronomer at the National Solar Observatory in Tuscon, Arizona.