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Conflict & Justice

Iraq's future

We ask reporters, 'What does the future of Iraq look like from there?' We hear from The World's Matthew Bell in Jerusalem and Matthew Brunnwasser in Istanbul. Also, The World's Katy Clark tells us how Washington views Iraq's future.


Pakistani solidarity after the flood

In the wake of devastating floods that have left millions displaced in Pakistan, reporter Madiha Tahir looks at whether Pakistanis who have not been affected by the flooding are feeling the same way as those who have been affected.

Conflict & Justice

Field support in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, 140,000 US and NATO troops are fighting the resurgent Taliban. 30,000 them have arrived in just the past eight months, that's put a strain on the troops who build the bases and keep the supplies coming. The World's Ben Gilbert reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

For today's geo quiz we were looking for China's largest desert. It's located in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China. The answer is the Taklamakan desert where an endurance race is about to begin.

Arts, Culture & Media

Khaira Arby loves Timbuktu

The subject of today's Global Hit is music with a message. Simple messages really. They're sung by Malian musician Khaira Arby. One message is about her love for the city Timbuktu. The other message Khaira Arby wants to convery is women's rights.