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Development & Education

A bridge for mice

What has big shiny, black eyes and small, rounded ears, a cute fluffy tail and a suspension bridge? The answer is a dormouse. The little rodent has a new way to cross over a highway in Wales. Host Marco Werman speaks with Robert Jones Parry.

Arts, Culture & Media

Inside a bug's stomach

Insects trapped in amber have long provided a window on the prehistoric world. Now scientists in France are using a Synchrotron to scan opaque amber and create 3-D models of these insects in exquisite detail. Ari Daniel Shapiro reports.


Tony Blair's memoir

Former prime minister Tony Blair's long-awaited memoir is out. In it, he writes of one of the most significant events in his time in office ? the decision to go to war in Iraq. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with journalist and Blair biographer, John Rentoul.


Blair slams successor Brown in memoirs

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has said his successor Gordon Brown could be 'maddening'; he called Brown a brilliant chancellor but claimed Brown put him under 'relentless' pressure as he took over from Blair as prime minster. Alex Gallafent reports.

Conflict & Justice

Disappearances in Ju-rez

There's a new wave of disappearances in Juarez, largely unnoticed because of all the drug violence. The victims are all young women, police have no clue what happened to them. Mónica Ortiz Uribe reports.

Conflict & Justice

Burka ban in France

Correspondent Sarah Elzas reports from Paris on the legislation to ban the burka in France. The measure has provoked a lot of criticism, not just from practicing Muslims. A French real estate developer and his wife are taking matters into their own hands.

Arts, Culture & Media

Etran Finatawa from Niger

For our Geo Quiz we were looking for a northern African country that's home to a number nomadic tribes. The answer is Niger. The band Etran Finatawa is from Niger. The band's new album is called 'Tarkat Tajje' or 'Let's Go!'