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Paris' secret catacombs

Paris may be the most visited city in the world but there are parts of it few have ever seen. The Catacombs began as limestone quarries. Today they are the playground of the bold and the brave. Don Duncan brings us below the surface of the City of Light.

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Uganda bombings update

The Somali Islamist group, Al-Shabab, has claimed responsibility for Sunday's bombings that killed more than 70 people in Kampala. Ugandan authorities say they've made some arrests. Anchor Marco Werman gets the latest from the BBC's Will Ross in Kampala.

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Geo answer

The coastal state of Escuintla is the answer to the Geo Quiz. Authorities there this week intercepted a 55 foot submarine loaded with a US bound cargo of cocaine. Steven Dudley has been researching drug trafficking in Central America.


The Cuban dissidents

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Nik Steinberg, Cuba researcher for Human Rights Watch, about the situation in Cuba, where the government has promised the release of 52 political prisoners. The first seven were freed and flown to Spain today.