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Acai no panacea in Brazil

The Amazonian berry known as a�a� is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. Proponents tout its unsubstantiated health benefits. But the berry has a very different reputation back in Brazil. Reporter Kelley Weiss reports.


A gesture of peace

There was an attack yesterday on a West Bank mosque. A carpet and a dozen Korans burned in a fire. The attackers spray-painted Hebrew words and slogans on the walls. The World's Matthew Bell visited the mosque as a group of rabbis paid their respects.


Cuba: My Revolution

Cuban artist Inverna Lockpez initially threw herself into Fidel Castro's revolution jettisoning her plans for art school. She ran afoul of the regime and fled to the US. Now she's telling her story. Anchor Lisa Mullins interviews Inverna Lockpez.