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The Pakistani Taliban

The investigation into the failed car bombing in Times Square has focussed attention on the Pakistani Taliban. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Christine Fair of Georgetown University about the relationship between the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban.


Conserving Dubai's deserts

It was warm in the city of Dubai today. The temperature reached 99 degrees, but there are ways to escape it even though the emirate is mostly desert. Correspondent Jake Warga tells us about the mixed feelings the people of Dubai have for their desert.

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Geo Quiz / Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz lies off the coast of Copenhagen. The strait is called the Oresund. Marianne Faerch is with the bus company that came up with idea of outfitting busses with bright red 'love seats' to encourage more flirting and smiling.


Brown resigns as party leader

Gordon Brown has said he is stepping down as Labour Party leader. Brown, said he hoped a successor as Labour leader would be in place by September. Marco Werman gets the latest from Laura Lynch in London.


UK election results in hung parliament

After an inconclusive general election in Britain and no party with an overall majority for the first time in almost 40 years, moves are under way to put together a new government. Marco Werman talks with Laura Lynch in London.


Germany votes to bail out Greece

Today Germany's Lower House of Parliament approved a controversial 38 billion dollar bailout loan to Greece. It's deeply unpopular among Germans, but it brings the EU one step closer to providing a massive rescue package to Greece. Gerry Hadden reports.