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Hamas on Mideast peace

Leaders of the Palestinian group Hamas will not have a seat at the next week's Mideast peace talks in Washington. But as The World's Matthew Bell reports from Jerusalem, some moderates within Hamas still believe that the US can be a fair mediator.


Coercion and concessions

Daniel Byman with the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University tells anchor Marco Werman that Washington should use coercion and concessions to prevent Hamas from torpedoing the new round of peace talks that get under way next week.

Conflict & Justice

Geo Quiz and answer

For today's Geoquiz we're looking for the central European capital in which a Michael Jackson statue project has caused quite a controversy. The answer is Prague. Anchor Marco Werman gets the story from the BBC's Rob Cameron.

Lifestyle & Belief

Terrorist suspect on Canadian Idol

Three suspected terrorists were arrested this week in Canada. one of the suspects may have had aspirations other than bomb-making. Terror suspect Khurram Syed Sher appeared on Canada's version of American Idol in 2008. Anchor Marco Werman has more.