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Conflict & Justice

Afghanistan banking crisis

Afghanistan's central bank is in trouble. Nervous depositors across the country have been emptying their accounts for days amid fears that Afghanistan's largest private bank was collapsing. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from reporter Jean MacKenzie.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geoquiz is Inverie , a small village on the Knoydart Peninsula in Scotland that's home to the most remote pub on mainland Britain. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with pub owner, Jackie Robertson, about the pub's popularity.

Arts, Culture & Media

Mhairi Hall

For Mhairi Hall, the music on her new album is about three things: It's about traditional Scottish melodies, it's about the piano and it's about a place. The World's Carol Zall has more.

Arts, Culture & Media

Kit Hawes

Every now and then we check in on how folks somewhere around the world decide to spend their Friday night. Today we visit the English countryside town of Burford, where guitar virtuoso Kit Hawes fills the local pub with music and fans.