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Europe watches US midterm elections

Gideon Rachman, chief foreign affairs commentator for the Financial Times of London, talks about Europe's interest in the US mid-term elections. Rachman says some Europeans fear the vote's outcome could reduce American engagement around the globe.

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Yemin Orde Youth Choir

An Israeli high school choir kicks off its short US tour this week. The students are from a �sort-of' boarding school outside Haifa. It's home to young immigrants from all over the world. The World's Matthew Bell has more.

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Sugar bowl of the world

A little sugar sweetens the Geo Quiz: sugar comes from many places around the world. More than 100 countries produce the sweet stuff from sugar cane and sugar beetn but the question today is which country produces and exports the most sugar?

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Day of the Dead songs

Every year on November 1st and 2nd, Mexicans observe the Day of the Dead. Despite the name, it's actually a time of celebration. And as Betto Arcos explains, no other culture celebrates death through song quite the way Mexico does.