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Science, Tech & Environment

Geo answer

We're looking for the country with the highest percentage of rainforest cover on Earth; The answer is Suriname in South America. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Russell Mittermeier, primatologist and president of 'Conservation International.'

Arts, Culture & Media

Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes

For today's Global Hit, the story behind a song. Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes' celebrates the connection he feels between Cuba and New Orleans with his composition ?New Orleans', one of the tracks on his new recording ?Chucho's Steps'.

Conflict & Justice

Mideast peace talks begin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas are sitting down together to begin peace talks that could eventually lead to the creation of a Palestinian state.The BBC's Kim Ghattas is at the State Department.


Israel keeps an eye on Iran

The World's Matthew Bell reports that as Israeli and Palestinian leaders talk peace in Washington, many Israelis have their eyes fixed on Iran. The World's Matthew Bell reports.


Israel's nuclear capability

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Marvin Miller, who co-authored an article in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs which suggests that it's time Israel come clean about its possession of nuclear weapons.