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Conflict & Justice

London protests and the royals

In London, thousands of students took to the streets yesterday, protesting plans that would raise their raise tuition fees. Protestors vandalized a car carrying Prince Charles and Camilla. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks to the BBC's Paddy O'Connell.


Africa unites for climate change

Amid all the wrangling by the giants, the concerns of small nations have often gotten short shrift. That is one reason African countries have decided to work together more closely this year. Myles Estey has more from the UN climate site in Cancun.

Conflict & Justice

Wikileaks on Somali pirate haul

The latest trove of Wikileak dispatches sheds new light on an arms shipment that came to light when Somali pirates captured a Ukrainian freighter back in 2008. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from the New York Times' Jeffery Gettlemen.