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Tourism in Iraq

In the Geo Quiz it's off to Iraq where the tourism industry is poised for growth. The biggest potential is probably in the north of the country in the autonomous region which borders Iran and Turkey. Can you name it?


Obama urges support for Mideast talks

President Barack Obama has urged fellow world leaders to support Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations currently under way. He was speaking at the 65th UN General Assembly at the organization's New York headquarters. The World's Jason Margolis has more.


Sudan's looming crisis

A long-planned referendum could split Africa's largest nation in two. Some see big trouble ahead for Sudan if the independence vote is mishandled. On Friday President Obama is expected to attend a high level UN meeting on Sudan. Jeb Sharp reports.


Eliza Griswold examines Sudan in Tenth Parallel'

Sudan is of special interest to Eliza Griswold. She's just written a book called �The Tenth Parallel � Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam� and the book runs right through Sudan. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Griswold.


Retiring at 60 in France

The French parliament passed controversial reforms to its pension system last week. The biggest change? The minimum retirement age would rise from 60 to 62. Reporter Anita Elash spent some time with one couple who retired at 60 and sent this story.


India's diplomatic disaster

India plays host this year to the Commonwealth Games. It's not going well. Reports of unsanitary conditions, an outbreak of dengue fever, and more have caused athletes to pull out of the Games. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with BBC's Mark Dummett.