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BBC programs for Pakistan flood victims

The UN says 1,600 people have been killed and nearly 14 million affected in flood stricken Pakistan. The BBC launched special programming this week to assist the victims. Shafi Naqi Jamie is overseeing the project. Katy Clark talks with him.


Veteran flight attendant's views

The JetBlue flight attendant who cursed out a rude passenger then left the plane via the emergency slide is facing possible jail time. But he's also become a bit of folk hero. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with flight attendant Betty Thesky about the story.


Roman Coliseum opens to public

The Coliseum will open areas long closed to visitors. Beginning in the fall of 2010 tourists will have a ?backstage pass' to the third level of the ancient arena. The World's Nancy Greenleese gives has a sneak preview.