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Etran Finatawa from Niger

For our Geo Quiz we were looking for a northern African country that's home to a number nomadic tribes. The answer is Niger. The band Etran Finatawa is from Niger. The band's new album is called 'Tarkat Tajje' or 'Let's Go!'


Attack overshadows Middle East talks

Palestinian security forces have mounted an operation to catch the killers of four Israeli settlers shot on Tuesday. The killings came ahead of the first direct talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders in two years. Matthew Bell reports.

Development & Education

A bridge for mice

What has big shiny, black eyes and small, rounded ears, a cute fluffy tail and a suspension bridge? The answer is a dormouse. The little rodent has a new way to cross over a highway in Wales. Host Marco Werman speaks with Robert Jones Parry.

Arts, Culture & Media

Inside a bug's stomach

Insects trapped in amber have long provided a window on the prehistoric world. Now scientists in France are using a Synchrotron to scan opaque amber and create 3-D models of these insects in exquisite detail. Ari Daniel Shapiro reports.


Iraq's oil boom

Much of the uncertainty Iraqis feel is about the economic future of their country.Those prospects depend largely on the recovery of Iraq's oil industry. The World's Katy Clark reports that Iraq's oil is flowing again.