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Iraqi women talk politics

The political arena in Iraq is almost exclusively a male domain. But Iraqi women have their opinions too. Reporter Susannah George visited a Baghdad beauty salon to find out how some Iraqi women feel about their country's political situation.

Conflict & Justice

US travel alert: Now what?

The Japanese government has joined the US and Britain in issuing a travel alert urging its citizens to be cautious in Europe. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Ernst and Young security advisor Glenn Schoen to find out what the average person should do.

Conflict & Justice

Roma integration in Bulgaria

Matthew Brunwasser visits two ethnic Roma neighborhoods in Bulgaria to find out how the Roma there view the issue of integration. France's extradition of Roma to Bulgaria and Romania has set off a debate about the Roma's place in European society.


African weightlifting champ

Competition at the Commonwealth Games finally got underway today in Delhi, India and that's the starting point for our Geo Quiz as well. The first Gold went to a 17-year old weightlifter representing a West African country we want you to name.


Life in Brazil's favelas

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva says that during his administration millions of people were lifted out of poverty, including those living in Rio's notorious favelas. Reporter Jason Strother visited the Rocinha favela, to find out what residents think.

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The D

For the weekend Global Hit, The World's Adeline Sire tells us about a French band that likes to think outside the French box. The name of the band is �The DØ? � it stands for Dan and Olivia, Dan Levy and Olivia Merilahti, who make up the band.


Car bombs mar Nigerian Independence Day

Police officials in Nigeria say two car bombs killed at least 8 people in the capital, Abuja. The bombings marred celebrations in Nigeria marking 50 years of independence from Britain. Anchor Marco Werman gets details from the BBC's Komla Dumor in Abuja.