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K T Tunstall

Musicians find their muses in lots of different places. Take singer and songwriter K T Tunstall. She cut her teeth at open mics in the pubs of Edinburgh and London. But now Tunstall is looking well past the bar. The World's Marco Werman has more.


UK austerity budget

The British government has detailed a package of deep spending cuts aimed at cutting the country's deficit. Nearly half a million public sector jobs will be cut, as will welfare payments. Laura Lynch reports on Britain's new age of austerity.


Calm countryside amid strikes in France

Protests continued today in France, but the demonstrations aren't hitting all areas of the country. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the owners of a bakery in the rural village of L'Isle Sur La Sorgue in southern France, about the mood there.


Pentagon pursues flying Humvee

France and the Britain may be wrestling with what they can and can't afford. Here in the US, there's still room in the budget for a $9 million program to develop a flying humvee. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Bill Hennigan of the Los Angeles Times.


Britain's military future

The British government is making big cuts to its military. Thousands are losing their jobs. Ships, fighter planes and tanks are being scrapped. It's causing concern in Washington, where Britain is seen as a key ally. Laura Lynch reports.

Conflict & Justice

Tijuana's dance protest

Tijuana has been plagued by drug-related murders and kidnappings; now some want to show their city is more than a murder capital. They'll demonstrate with a mass street performance. It's called Pa Bailar, or 'To Dance'. Ruxandra Guidi of KPBS reports.