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Conflict & Justice

VIDEO: What's the future of law enforcement in our communities? Experts weigh in on race and policing

The Forum at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in partnership with PRI's The World presents a forum on race and policing. Join in a discussion with experts in law enforcement, public health, community relations and the law for a discussion on safeguarding law enforcement and communities and narrowing the social, economic and health gaps that persist between underserved and middle-class America.

Development & Education

President Trump, what are your plans for the Office of Global Women's Issues?

As Across Women's Lives has reported in the past, when women and girls are taken into account and brought in to lead peace talks, are included in policing efforts, and are allowed to make and influence policy, the world is a safer place — for everyone. And for the past eight years, the US government has made this approach a priority, with the Office of Global Women's Issues leading the charge. So, we'd like to know, is the Trump administration planning on filling the Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues position? And what's in the cards for the Office as a whole?