PRI and PRX Announce Transformational Public Media Merger: What You Need to Know

What’s the news?

PRI and PRX, both leaders in award-winning journalism and storytelling, are merging to build a public media company focused on the next generation of creative talent to serve listeners who demand the highest-quality content.

Why did you decide to merge?

  • Opportunity to unleash capacity through a more integrated chain of operations. For all our accomplishments, we both recognize that in the current environment, scale matters, and we can achieve more and achieve faster together than separately.
  • We can more effectively respond to a rapidly changing media landscape and the heightened needs of the public by combining our complementary strengths (programming, technology, innovation, station service, diverse talent development).

Why does this merger matter to listeners and public radio fans?

  • Both PRI and PRX could continue to work independently, but we believe that together we can do something essential at this critical moment.
  • We live in a time of abundant content – most of us are overwhelmed by a constant flow of posts, tweets and snaps. We have smart speakers in our homes while we cook; radios in our cars when we drive; and headphones in our ears while we walk, workout or commute. While this can be thrilling, the reality is that a great deal of what we hear is repetitive and simplistic. And sometimes flat-out wrong.
  • In this environment, many listeners are struggling to find more substantive, higher quality content, and many public radio producers and stations are being out-spent and out-innovated by commercial players, who are driven by very different agendas.
  • Together, PRI and PRX will help journalists and storytellers, including new talents, produce their best work and deliver it – through all the noise – to audiences with an appetite for excellence.

Will any of my favorite shows be lost?

No. We love them too and are proud to represent a portfolio that will continue to broadcast PRI’s The World®, This American Life, Reveal, The Takeaway, The Moth Radio Hour, On Being, Studio 360 and many other exceptional programs.

I’ve heard of PRX, but I’m not sure what they are.

  • PRX is a leading media company, shaping the future of audio by connecting talented producers with their most engaged, supportive audiences.
  • PRX builds technology and creates cutting-edge content that reaches millions of listeners worldwide. Named one of Fast Company’s ‘Ten Most Innovative Companies in Media’ in both 2015 and 2017, the company has pioneered new approaches to technology and talent.
  • PRX is a founding member of Matter Ventures, a media accelerator program, and RadioPublic, a company focused on driving podcast listener discovery, engagement and revenue for creators.
  • For 15 years, PRX has operated public radio’s largest distribution marketplace, offering thousands of shows including This American Life, The Moth Radio Hour, On Being with Krista Tippett and Reveal.

What does this mean for me?

Going forward, PRI and PRX will help journalists and storytellers, including new talents, produce their best work and deliver it – through all the noise – to people like you who have an appetite for excellence. That means more shows and more diverse voices will be available in the future.

I’m a recurring donor. Do I need to do anything to make sure my donation continues?


I’m a donor. Given this merger, what will my contribution support?

Your donation will continue to support the creation of award-winning journalism and storytelling. It will also help us identify and support emerging talents as they seek to create new shows.

Sounds like great news. How can I help?

Like others in the public media field, PRI and PRX depend in part on the generous support of our listeners. If you share our excitement about what can be achieved, please make a donation today.