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Saving this fish is crucial to the survival of the Caribbean coral reefs

Caribbean coral reefs provide food, create jobs and draw millions of tourists every year, but they are disappearing. Parrotfish are one key to their survival. Parents in China have a way to ensure success for their children: pay to get them into the army. And ISIS militants in Iraq want to head to Rome next, all in today's Global Scan.


Global Scan

Scientists come a step closer to making Star Trek's tractor beam a reality

Science fiction has long envisioned "tractor" beams that could grab and move physical objects using a laser or other stream of energy. Now scientists have created one, at least on a small scale. And we have some advice if you use heat in the winter. Most Brits, and many of us, apparently don't know how to use our thermostats. Also, Chinese officials go on a worldwide corruption hunt, in today's Global Scan.