Winston Churchill

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British Cartoonist Steve Bell Draws American Presidents

Cartoonist Steve Bell has been skewering British politicians since his career took off in the late 1970s. Because his obsession is politics, a good number of American presidents have come in for in his particular brand of satire. Steve Bell's leftist politics inform how he characterizes US presidents. George W. Bush was easy. Barack Obama: not so much.


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Mayflower roots

The Pilgrims did not simply disembark from the Mayflower and feast on turkey, stuffing, and corn. And not all Americans with roots in New England are descendents of those Mayflower passengers.

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Churchill addresses the nation

On Christmas Eve, 1941, President Roosevelt gives a public address at the White House, in which he introduces his British counterpart to the nation. Churchill tells Americans that despite all the anxiety, we should all pause to enjoy Christmas.