Ursula Lindsey

Conflict & Justice

On the way to Tahrir Square

Hundreds of people stood in line in Cairo on Friday, waiting to get into Tahrir Square, the center of the anti-government protests. Ursula Lindsey stopped to speak to a few of them, and sent us this report.

Conflict & Justice

Women judges under threat in Egypt

Over the past 8 years, Egypt made great strides in women's rights when it started appointing women as judges. That move met with great resistance and now, there's a move to ban women judges altogether. Ursula Lindsey reports from Cairo.

Conflict & Justice

Who's next in Egypt?

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is in Washington this week to speak with President Obama. But back at home, the big question is who will succeed the aging Egyptian leader. Ursula Lindsey reports from Cairo.


Global Politics

Egypt's "Daily Show"

The Egyptian revolution has ushered in a new type of media freedom to the country. Ursula Lindsey reports on a new program in Egypt that is modeled on Jon Stewart's "Daily Show."

Conflict & Justice

New political parties in Egypt

Egyptians are scrambling to form new parties for the first time in decades. Ursula Lindsey reports that they're even working to set up political action committees, some modeled after the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Conflict & Justice

The Meaning of Sharia Law

As Egypt's constitution is being re-drafted, one word is causing friction: "sharia." Sharia is often translated as "Islamic law" but it is much more than that. So much more that there is disagreement over what it means.