Todd Zwillich


Push back from both sides on Obama's budget

Democrats are re-tooling President Obama's budget this week, while the president is pressing Congress hard to preserve his priorities of health care, energy and education. For more, we talk to our friend Todd Zwillich from Capitol News Connection.

Conflict & Justice

Science: A Brain's Appetite

New studies suggest that in matters of weight loss, will power could lose out to brainpower. Joining The Takeaway to talk about the brains behind our bulk is science contributor Jonah Lehrer and Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich.


Washington: car makers and car dealers face off

When GM and Chrysler declared bankruptcy, the court allowed them to prematurely end contracts with car dealers. Today, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) is meeting with auto makers and dealers as they try to work out a compensation agreement.