Todd Zwillich

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For Congress: summer vacation is officially over

Congress is back in session today, wrapping up the summer holiday and both of the parties conventions. Capitol News Connections Todd Zwillich talks to John Hockenberry about what Congress has to get done in this upcoming appreciated three week session. Guest: Todd Zwillich, Capitol News Connection

Global Politics

Congress bickers over oil

Congress is about to call it quits for the summer and it has yet to ease the ever-rising price of gas. Democrats and Republicans are bickering over offshore oil drilling. Guest: Todd Zwillich, reporter and host for Capitol News Connection

Business, Economics and Jobs

Biggest. Deficit. Ever.

An outgoing president leaves a successor many things. This year, President Bush will leave something else: a record $482 billion deficit. (The economic stimulus plan contributed a big chunk of it.) How much debt can Americans stand, and what does it mean for the presidential candidates with costly plans of their own?



Can a rebrand make Republicans raise the gas tax?

Drivers are happy about the collapse in oil prices, but with federal highway funds also tanking, even Republicans are considering raising the gas tax to make sure road construction can continue. But calling the gas tax a "user fee" may not help push changes past conservatives in Congress.