Tim Cook


Russia's Steve Jobs memorial looks set to leave the country

When Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, publicly revealed that he was gay, it was met largely with support and, frankly, little surprise. Cook hadn't been in the closet, he just hadn't talked about it publicly. But one place where the announcement was panned was Russia, and in response a Russian university took down a memorial that been erected to Apple's founding CEO, Steve Jobs.

Global Scan

This crash test dummy family is getting an overweight uncle — to reflect America's expanding waistlines

America's rise in obesity isn't just raising health alarms. It is challenging designers of all sorts of consumer products, including car safety experts, who are moving to a morbidly-obese crash test dummy. Meanwhile, in Russia, Apple's gay CEO is under attack. France and Spain, however, seem more worried about clowns. Those stories and more in this weekend's Global Scan.

Global Politics

Apple Scrutinized on Tax Avoidance

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is explaining why Apple has paid so little tax globally over the last few years. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with British member of parliament, Margaret Hodge, who is leading similar investigations in the UK.


Apple announces plan for its cash: give it back to shareholders

In what was a highly anticipated announcement, Apple announced that it would be reducing — or at least stemming the growth — in its cash accounts by doing what most investment experts said they would do: issue a regular dividend and buy back shares. Some of Apple's fans had hoped for a big move, like purchasing a company or unveiling some new product.