Ted Kennedy

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Massachusetts governor names a new senator

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is expected to appoint former Democratic National Committee Chairman Paul G. Kirk to fill Sen. Ted Kennedy's vacant seat later this morning. Frank Phillips of the Boston Globe joins us with the details of the nomination.

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Curt Schilling Weighs Run ... for Senate

Legendary baseball player Curt Schilling is pitching a new idea: running for Ted Kennedy's open Senate seat. Does he have what it takes to play ball in the U.S. Senate? The Takeaway's sports contributor, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, gives us his thoughts.

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Remembering the Lion

Friends, colleagues and extended family gathered on Saturday at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica in Roxbury, Massachusetts, to pay their respects at the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy. The Takeaway recaps some of the most notable moments.


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Ted Kennedy's Legacy

Senator Ted Kennedy died last night at the age of 77 after a year-long battle with brain cancer. The World's Jeb Sharp looks back on the legacy of the man called the �liberal lion of the Senate.�

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A win-win for wind?

Amy Myers Jaffe, associate director of the Rice University Energy Program, joins The Takeaway to talk about how much of an impact offshore wind-turbines will could have on how we produce and consume energy.

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Remembering Senator Ted Kennedy

The Takeaway remembers Senator Ted Kennedy with various speeches he made throughout the years. Joining us to put Kennedy's life and career in context are Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe and Carl Hulse of The New York Times.