Steve Paulson

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Cultural touchtones

The Peanuts, Star Wars, Sputnik, Miles Davis, and Frank Lloyd Wright -- how these figures, creations, endeavors and events became America's cultural touchtones.

Arts, Culture & Media

Al Green

Al Green's many R & B hits made him the Minister of L-O-V-E until he gave it all up for gospel music; now he's back with a new album, "Lay It Down."

Arts, Culture & Media

Aging artfully

A look at the life cycles of artistic creativity -- with musician Nick Lowe, author Amy Gorman and screen writer Millard Kaufman.


Learning science

Using hip-hop to teach Newton's Three Laws of Motion, how "Nova" stays current, and the life and times of Albert Einstein.



Living Green

'To the Best of Our Knowledge' takes a look at how individuals are trying to do good for the planet.