Steve Curwood

Shareholder Resolutions and the Carbon Bubble

As global warming spurs calls for carbon taxes and emission limits, some experts think that fossil fuel companies are overvalued. Now shareholders are filing resolutions demanding that fossil fuel companies disclose their plans for a carbon-regulated future.

Voices of Coal

In order to market coal to Asia, the western US coal industry wants to build export facilities in Oregon and Washington. The planned ports have divided local communities. EarthFix, a public radio collaborative based out of Washington State, has been following the debate with their project, Voices of Coal.

GMO Food Labeling

Starting in 2018 Whole Foods Market will require labeling for all food containing genetically modified ingredients sold in their stores.

Monarch Migration

Monarch butterflies famously migrate from Mexico to the northern US each spring. New research suggests that temperature plays a large role in signaling the butterflies to get moving.

Endangered Species Gain More Protection

CITES, the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species recently met in Bangkok, Thailand. Several species of sharks received unprecedented protection but the international community declined to give more protection for the polar bear.

India’s Coal Killing Thousands

India is developing as rapidly as any country on earth, and much of that growth is fueled by one of the dirtiest energy sources out there—coal. A new study has shown that pollution from coal-fired power plants is killing between 80,000 and 115,000 Indians every year.

The Team to Tackle Climate

President Obama announces three nominations for his Green Team. Mindy Lubber of CERES, and Adam Kolton of the National Wildlife Federation, analyze the picks.

Keystone XL Pipeline Report

The US State Department recently released an environmental impact statement for the controversial pipeline that downplays its climate risks and other environmental effects. Steve Kretzmann of Oil Change International is a critic.

Senate Climate Bill

Environment Committee Chair Barbara Boxer (D-California) and Bernie Sanders (I- Vermont) have introduced legislation to tax carbon emissions, saying time is running out to avert catastrophic climate disruption.