Steve Curwood

Extreme Weather-Colorado Floods

In an event described as "biblical" by the National Weather Service, a tropical monsoon dumped more than 17 inches of rain on the Front Range of Colorado, leaving a wide swath of death and destruction.. Just last year the same area experienced devastating forest fires, which scientists say made the flooding and landslides even worse.

Oil and Gas Wells Under Water

Weld County Colorado is home to more than 20,000 oil and gas well, and related storage facilities. At least two installations are now known to have spilled nearly 19,000 gallons of crude onto the flood plain. Authorities are scrambling to assess just how much pollution may have spilled into the surrounding environment.

Power From Food Scraps

Massachusetts recently announced that it will soon ban large businesses and institutions from sending food waste to the dump. Instead much of the waste food will be sent to anaerobic digesters and made into a type of gas that can run electric generators.

Oil and Honey

Bill McKibben is the closest thing the grassroots climate movement has to a celebrity. Co-founder of, he catalyzed opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline and is now urging institutions around the country divest their holdings from fossil fuels. His new book, Oil and Honey, is half activist memoir, half meditation on beekeeping in Vermont.

Shrinking Natural Gas Royalties

Natural gas royalties from fracking are seen as a bonanza for farmers struggling to make their land profitable. But an investigation by ProPublica has revealed that some natural gas companies are slashing the amounts they pay farmers for the use of their land.

Cooling with CO2

At the G20 summit in St Petersburg 33 nations and the EU confirmed they would join the United States and China in working together under the Montreal Protocol and the UNFCCC to limit the use of Hydroflourocarbons, or HFCs, for cooling. United Technologies has pioneered a way to replace HFCs with C02 directly from the atmosphere.