Sean Corcoran


Caring for Loved Ones with Alzheimer's

One in eight people over age 65 suffers from Alzheimer's disease. While researchers have yet to discover a direct genetic link, they have isolated the early-onset gene. Sean Corcoran (WGBH) interviewed Julie Noonan-Lawson about her family's situation.

Global Politics

Live from the Kennedy Library in Boston

WCAI reporter Sean Corcoran joins The Takeaway from the Kennedy Library in Boston, where the body of Senator Ted Kennedy lies in repose. We also talk to two people who came to pay their respects: Darren Ring of Weymus, MA and Ann Zeller of Fremont, NH.

Global Politics

Legacy of Kennedy Family in Ireland

The Kennedy family legacy also extends to Ireland. The Takeaway is joined by Irish politician and former Kennedy intern Mark Durkan. From outside the Kennedy house on Cape Cod, we also hear from Sean Corcoran, senior reporter for WCAI.