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Geo answer

We were looking for a wine-growing region in the northern half of Chile. The answer is the Limari Valley. One variety fo wine from there is sold under the label Palin -- spelled P-A-L-I-N -- just like Governor Sarah Palin's last name. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Sergio Reyes of the company Geo-Wines which distributes the label.

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Governor Palin, women and class

Polls suggest that this young governor is energizing a wing of women voters who might otherwise stay home or vote Democratic this election. The Takeaway examines how Palin plays with women voters and how gender factors into campaign politics this year.

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Alaskan political meltdown: Senator Ted Stevens

While Sarah Palin gets the spotlight, she's not the only big political story out of the northernmost state. Alaska's Ted Stevens, the Senate's longest serving Republican in office, faces prosecution for major corruption charges. He is also in a tight election fight for his Senate seat against Anchorage mayor Mark Begich.

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Is the Palin phenomenon just Reagan in drag?

Is excitement building around Governor Sarah Palin because she is the GOP's brightest new face or because she's a time-tested throwback, the latest incarnation of President Ronald Reagan? Journalist Anne Taylor Fleming, author of many articles on Reagan, thinks she's seen Palin's approach before.