Sarah Palin

Global Politics

Haiti's mobile money

Sarah Palin urged Americans on Sunday not to forget Haiti as she wrapped up a weekend visit to the Caribbean nation. Haitians have been looking for ways to help themselves and some are using their cell phones to do so. Sabri Ben-Acho reports from Haiti.

Conflict & Justice

Iran's 'Daily Show'

A new television show is changing the way many Iranians watch news. Some call it the Iranian version of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Its name in Persian is Parazit (Static). Mitra Taj reports on its rising popularity both in Iran and abroad.

Global Politics

Is 'mean girls' misogynist?

Earlier this week, we spoke to Gail Sheehy of The Daily Beast about what Maureen Dowd and she have labelled the "mean girls" in this election But is that term fair? Rebecca Traister, senior writer at, joins us.

Arts, Culture & Media

Is our democracy about anger?

The 'Restoring Honor' rally held by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin on the National Mall this weekend had our hosts remembering other moments when frustration towards the government led people to make a very public and angry outcry.