Sarah Chayes

Lifestyle & Belief

Taliban tactics cause civilian woes

To find out what life is like in Kabul right now, we talk to two civilians: American ex-pat Sarah Chayes, who works with NATO, and Fareedoone, a 25-year old Afghan university student in Kabul. We also speak with Afghanistan expert Michael Semple.

Conflict & Justice

Reaction to Afghan election results

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Sarah Chayes about new results showing incumbent president Hamid Karzai as winner of last month's presidential election. Chayes is an adviser to ISAF in Afghanistan and head of a non-profit organization for women in Kandahar.

Global Politics

Afghan Polls to Delay Close

Afghan authorities are keeping the polls open for an extra hour to allow more people to vote during the presidential election. The Takeaway talks to Sarah Chayes, advisor to Stanley McChrystal, and Charlie Sennott, executive editor of GlobalPost.