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This crash test dummy family is getting an overweight uncle — to reflect America's expanding waistlines

America's rise in obesity isn't just raising health alarms. It is challenging designers of all sorts of consumer products, including car safety experts, who are moving to a morbidly-obese crash test dummy. Meanwhile, in Russia, Apple's gay CEO is under attack. France and Spain, however, seem more worried about clowns. Those stories and more in this weekend's Global Scan.

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Ankara's huge new palace is fit for a sultan

Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is the proud resident of a new presidential palace with 1,000 rooms and a $350 million price tag. It's another manifestation of what critics call his "neo-Ottoman" tendencies, but Turks are angry over the grandiose new building.


'The Kurds have no friends but the mountains'

With Kurdish fighters in the city of Kobane trapped between ISIS attacks and Turkish indifference, anger inside Turkey is building. Nineteen Kurdish protesters were killed overnight, and it looks like Kobane may still surrender to ISIS despite US airstrikes.


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Some wealthy Chinese think slaughtering tigers is a status symbol

Decadence takes many forms. In China, some display their wealth by killing tigers at parties. Chinese officials are trying to stop the practice. In the UK, military officials are under fire for using pigs to test body armor and train medical personnel. And Taiwan's students protest with sunflowers, in today's Global Scan.