Pope Francis



A short story about the long history of the Popemobile

The pope turned up at the White House Wednesday, not in the usual elaborate Popemobile, but in a more humble FIAT 500L, on loan from the Vatican's Apostolic Nunciature in the US. The new Popemobile, a white Jeep wrangler, was wheeled out later. So how has the the Popemobile evolved over time?


The Pope goes to Kenya

Pope Francis is in Nairobi, Kenya, at the start of his first official trip to Africa. He told a gathering of religious leaders in Kenya that dialogue between different faiths is challenging, but essential. BBC East Africa correspondent Ann Soy is following the pope's Africa visit.


Pope mania hits Mexico

The first Latin American pontiff, will visit the extremes of Mexico, north to south, and reflect on migration and the country's problem with cartel-fueled violence.