Peter Greste

Global Politics

A new constitution for Kenya

Kenya may soon have a new constitution, which would reduce the powers of the Kenyan president, give citizens a new bill of rights and pave the way for land reform. East Africa correspondent for the BBC, Peter Greste, has the details.

Eight US civilians killed In Afghanistan Bombing

On Wednesday, a suicide bomber killed eight American civilians in Afghanistan, according to U.S. officials. With the latest is Marvin Weinbaum, former State Department analyst, and Peter Greste, BBC correspondent in Afghanistan.

Conflict & Justice

Rwanda seeks extradition of rebel leaders

The FDLR is a militia group made up of former Rwandan Hutus who fled to the neighboring DR Congo after the 1994 genocide. The BBC's Peter Greste reports on the connection between some of the ongoing violence in Congo and an FDLR leader based in Germany.