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Bloody police raid in Brazil leaves at least 25 dead

Top of The World: Police in a Rio de Janeiro slum engaged in an hourslong gunbattle Thursday targeting drug traffickers and leading to the death of at least 25 people. And, for the third time in May, health officials in India reported more than 400,000 coronavirus infections in a 24-hour period. Also, a discarded section of a Chinese rocket is set to fall back to Earth as early as Saturday in an uncontrolled reentry.

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Modi’s BJP suffers election loss amid coronavirus crisis

Top of The World: Amid an unprecedented surge in coronavirus cases, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party suffered a defeat on Sunday. And, rescue on Sunday responded to reports of a 40-foot capsized boat that had broken apart near the city’s coast — a vessel suspected of human smuggling. Also, police in Frankfurt, Germany, said they have arrested several suspects believed to have run a child pornography site.

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Coronavirus crisis in India overwhelming hospitals

Top of The World: Britain and the United States have pledged to send aid to India where a wave of COVID-19 cases has set a global record high, a fifth day in a row. And, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, an Iranian British woman, has been sentenced to another year in prison. Also, the number of people who died from a massive fire at a hospital in Baghdad now totals 82.