Monica Ortiz Uribe

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Gun smuggling case in New Mexico

Monica Ortiz Uribe reports on a New Mexico border town that was once attacked by Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. It's in the news now because some local officials were arrested on charges of smuggling guns into Mexico. Which town?

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The holidays in Ju-rez

The city of Ju-rez would seem to have little to celebrate this holiday season. Drug cartels have been battling among themselves and with police. And yet, at least one neighborhood in Ju-rez is going to celebrate Christmas. Monica Ortiz Uribe reports.

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Juan Gabriel's music school

One of Juarez Mexico's biggest problems is a lack of social institutions. This was an issue Juan Gabriel noticed 22 years ago when he founded a music school for boys. Reporter Monica Ortiz Uribe visited the school.

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Dangerous Mexican city

We're looking for a Mexican city that has made headlines recently as one of the world's most violent: registering thousands of homicides. Yet a high school student exchange program continues there as usual, despite the dangers. Monica Ortiz Uribe reports.

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Hopeless in Juarez

Reporter Monica Ortiz Uribe reports on Mexico's most violent city � Juarez. Earlier this week 16 people were killed at a birthday celebration. Residents are running out of patience with police�and running out of hope that anything will change.

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Mexican towns suffer from drug war

In Mexico, the bloody battle to defeat the country's powerful drug cartels is reeking havoc on formerly tranquil towns. This is the case in Camargo, Chihuahua � Monica Ortiz Uribe visited the town six hours south of the Texas border.

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Mexico revamps court system

In Mexico, the criminal court system is transforming to make court proceedings open to the public. But Mexico's current rash of drug-related violence makes implementing the new system a daunting task. Monica Ortiz Uribe reports from Ciudad Juarez.