Michael Vick


Sports: Michael Vick, quarterback?

The Takeaway's sports contributor, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, joins us with a look at Michael Vick's first taste of regular season NFL game-play in more than two years?except he won't be starting as quarterback.


Fall near, football season begins

Here to tell us what to watch out for out on the field is The Takeaway's sports contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin. And he's even got some gossip for those of you that don't take a liking to men in helmets and shiny pants. (Gasp!)


In the Game: Vick, PGA

After serving a two year prison sentence, Michael Vick will return to professional football with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Takeaway's sports contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin forecasts how the former quarterback will fare in his new job.

Conflict & Justice

Michael Vick: Out of the Dog Pound?

The Takeaway's sports correspondent Ibrahim Abdul-Matin talks about Michael Vick, recently released from two years in prison for operating an unlawful interstate dog fighting ring, and also discusses the controversial comic strip ?Tank McNamara.'