Global Politics

Syria orders American school closed

The Syrian government today ordered the closure of an American school and a U.S. cultural center in its capital city, Damascus. The move is in response to what Syria claims was an unlawful U.S. attack inside its territory.

Global Politics

McCain foreign policy

The World's Matthew Bell reports on what Sen. John McCain's foreign policy would be like if he were elected president. McCain has been getting a lot of praise at the GOP Convention this week for being strong on national security.


Arts, Culture & Media

Campaign theme songs

Faith and Fair Game news analyst Matt Pack take a look at John McCain's recent struggle to find the ideal theme song for his presidential campaign.

Global Politics

Town hall politics

Faith shares her thoughts on the recent proposal from Senator John McCain's campaign that he and likely Democratic nominee Barack Obama should engage in joint "town hall" debates.

Global Politics

The future of US-Russian relations

Both the United States and Russia are in the midst of presidential election campaigns, and The World's Jason Margolis looks at what a change of leadership in both countries could mean for US-Russian relations.

Global Politics

McCain imagines the future

Republican presidential contender says that -- if elected -- he'd hold a British-style question and answer sessions with Congress, and Anchor Lisa Mullins offers a reminder of how chaotic those sessions can be in the British parliament.