Mao Zedong

Global Politics

China's fight against 'radical thought'

The unrest that's sweeping through Arab nations apparently has China's leaders nervous. The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports on a controversial new policy at China's Peking University that targets students with "radical thoughts" for counseling.

Global Politics

Meeting of the grandchildren

Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong and his arch-rival for control of China, Chiang Kai-shek had a complex relationship. Now two of their grandchildren have met for the first time. Marco Werman has more.


China's first foray into space

China is expected to launch its first three-man space mission tomorrow. The astronauts will orbit the earth for almost three days, and one will become the first Chinese to go on a space walk.

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Chinese novels

Host Lisa Mullins talks with The World's book critic, Chris Merrill, about two Chinese novels recently out in English translations: the books are "Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out" by Mo Yan, and "Wolf Totem� by Jiang Rong.