Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


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On-scene Report: Tehran in Turmoil

After days of protest over the disputed presidential election in Iran, demonstrators are once again taking to the streets. To give us an on scene report, we are joined by Babak Dehghanpisheh, Middle East Correspondent for Newsweek.

Global Politics

President Obama's Tougher Talk on Iran

President Obama's condemnation of the Iranian authorities' ?unjust suppression' of protests is the strongest statement he has made on the crisis. For more, The Takeaway turns to Baqer Moin, author and former head of the BBC's Persian service.

Conflict & Justice

Ahmadinejad's Inauguration

This week in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be inaugurated, while some of the protesters rounded up in the weeks following the embattled election face trial. For more, Robert Worth and Roger Cohen, both of The New York Times, join The Takeaway.