Liu Xiaobo

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Caught between Russian oil and EU trade, Ukraine now hopes to get both

Ukrainian leaders seem ready to appease protesters by signing a deal with the European Union, while still maintaining close ties with Russia. But will that stop the protests? We also look at the Turkish model of Islamic democracy, and China's guidelines for the media on what to remember —and not remember — about Nelson Mandela. All that and more, in today's Global Scan.

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China's fight against 'radical thought'

The unrest that's sweeping through Arab nations apparently has China's leaders nervous. The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports on a controversial new policy at China's Peking University that targets students with "radical thoughts" for counseling.

Global Politics

Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel

Political activist Liu Xiaobo has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. One of China's leading dissidents, he's serving a prison sentence after helping write a manifesto which calls for political change in China. The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports.

Conflict & Justice

Support for Nobel Peace Prize winner

Jailed Chinese writer and civil rights activist Liu Xiaobo has been awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Chinese novelist, Diane Wei-Liang. The novelist herself is a veteran of the pro-democracy movement in China.