Laura Lynch

Global Politics

UK Inquiry Into Libya Rendition

An inquiry looking into accusations that Britain was complicit in the torture of terrorism suspects has said it will examine new allegations about close ties between British intelligence and Muammar Gaddafi's security services.


Global Politics

French authorities raid migrant camp

The World's Laura Lynch that French authorities raided a migrant camp in Calais , in northern France. The camp was used by hundreds of illegal migrants as the last stop on the way to a better life across the English Channel in Britain.


AIDS vaccine test results

The World's Laura Lynch reports that scientists who conducted an AIDS vaccine trial in Thailand say the results showed the vaccine cut the risk of infection by as much as a third. At least some scientists see the results announced today as encouraging.

Conflict & Justice

Britain's new supreme court

The World's Laura Lynch reports on Britain's new Supreme Court. Until recently the justices that make up the court operated from within the House of Lords. The move to a new location is supposed to signal the new court's independence.

Global Politics

US allies await decision on Afghanistan

The US commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, is reported to have asked for up to forty-thousand more soldiers to head to the region. And he's hoping many of those troops will come from outside the US. The World's Laura Lynch reports.

Conflict & Justice

Traffic safety

A global conference on road safety is being held in Moscow to discuss ways of tackling one of the world's biggest killers: traffic accidents. The World's Laura Lynch takes us to Ghana where car accidents have become a public health crisis.

Conflict & Justice

British inquiry into Iraq war

John Chilcot has promised to produce a 'full and insightful' account. Evidence from senior government figures will start on Tuesday and politicians, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair will be expected to testify in due time. Laura Lynch reports.