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Return to BioShock

While the most visible evolution in video games has been in the realm of graphics, resolution, and processing power, another kind of progress has been taking place on the level of narrative.

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Reconstructing Viruses

Vincent Racaniello of Columbia University did groundbreaking research on reconstructing the DNA of viruses (sort of like microbial Jurassic Park). The method was used to re-create the spectacularly lethal influenza behind the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic.

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Does Your Zombie Have Rabies?

'The vampire myth, the werewolf myth, and the zombie myth,' Bill Wasik tells Kurt Andersen, 'are all saliva-born infections that manifest as a contagious animal essence. Rabies is the only thing in nature that really acts that way.'

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Play #OscarsBingo with PRI and Studio 360

When the Oscars go on, you can be sure there will be acceptance speeches that go on too long, award winners who don't show up and presenters who seem to have no idea why they're even there. So, instead of turning the event into a drinking game, join us for a game of bingo.