Ken Salazar

Conflict & Justice

First the oil spill, then the reforms

Energy reforms are on the minds of politicians following the collapse of the Deepwater Horizons oil rig. Historically, regulatory and environmental laws follow disasters, and regulatory changes, from equipment upgrades to increasing legal liability, are already on the table.

Python Be Gone

The Florida Everglades might be known for alligators and crocodiles, but there's another reptile snaking through those wetlands: the Burmese python. And Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is calling on volunteers to hunt down and remove the invasive species,

Global Politics

Ken Salazar: Sheriff of the Wild West

In Rolling Stone, Tim Dickinson paints a portrait of the Interior Department under President Bush as an environment of "cronyism" and "corruption" that will have a lasting effect on the environment and America's pocketbook. He joins The Takeaway.